Our Mission

SquashBond’s mission is to utilize the game of squash to promote socio-economic mobility and to build a shared society.


Our students learn to value a healthy lifestyle, to embrace challenges, pursue excellence and to become agents of change in their communities.

Through SquashBond, Jewish and Arab youth gain the life skills, self-confidence and connections to pursue their dreams and build a greater Israel, together.

Our Story

After many years of involvement in the squash field, promoting sports and many young people based on the values of squash, Nitzan Moree, Hillel Bloomberg and Yariv Bloomberg began in 2012 to develop and formulate a program that will create significant and long-term social and personal impact by combining their love for squash and youth.

The basis of the idea was to expose the game of squash, known worldwide as a prestigious sport “to the rich”, to various sectors and sections of the population in Israeli society and to use the game as a catalyst for empowerment and social integration.


In 2013, the first program was launched at the Squash Center in Raanana that brings together Jews and Arabs frequently and long-term, while building a true culture of mutual respect and appreciation. There was a clear decision that the pursuit of social impact would not harm the professionalism of the training and that the aspiration to reach a high level of squash would not impair the promotion of social and personal values.


Since the founding of the venture, hundreds of children and their families have gone through the SquashBond training programs and embarked on a path of success. Some have developed into excellent squash players and even achieved high ranks and others have discovered and developed their abilities as leaders and ambassadors of the program values.


In the following years, SquashBond opened another center of activity in Haifa and serves diverse local populations and schools that serve families and children from lower socioeconomic classes. Unique professional and educational programs have been developed and added to the annual program, and new partnerships have been forged with the aim of creating meaningful local and international opportunities for the participants.


The SquashBond teams joined the annual squash tournaments of the Squash Association in Israel and the spectacle of mixed squash groups of Arabs and Jews, rich and poor, religious and secular, playing and competing together became the norm in the Israeli squash landscape. Arab squash players joined the national youth teams and represented Israel in Europe and as part of the Maccabiah Games in 2017. Many children from different backgrounds found a warm home that strives with them for their best development on and off the court and ensures they stay on track of perseverance and success.


In 2018 SquashBond joined and became an international partner of the largest squash and education movement in the world: Squash and Education Alliance, partnered with the Professional Squash Association Foundation, recognized in the World Squash Federation, and managed to touch the hearts of many people and squash enthusiasts around the world.


SquashBond is currently working to produce and establish social, inter-sectoral and community integration nationwide, to root out a quality educational enrichment program based on values and life skills development among hundreds and thousands of young people, to promote mental and physical health through sports activities and to promote the game of squash in the social periphery.

Our Approach

Very few programs in Israel are designed to address both challenges: to improve Jewish-Arab relations and to support underprivileged youth.

SquashBond’s intensive multi year squash and education program integrates children from diverse religious and socio-economic backgrounds and gives all participants the life skills and confidence to reach their full potential and build shared society together.

Our Board

Max Moss

Chairman of the Board

Max’s professional career has been in the sales and marketing end of the software industry working with local Israeli and international companies such as IBM & Oracle.

Max has always been very involved in different aspects of Israeli society from his early days in Habonim (South Africa), his aliyah to Israel and subsequent involvement in different aspects of Israeli society.

Max is a passionate sports enthusiast and supporter of SquashBond and its vision to leverage squash as a catalyst for the social integration and personal empowerment of kids from all walks of Israeli society.

Sara Heitler Bamberger

Board Member and North American Director

Sara is a freelance writer working on a book about becoming Israeli. 


She is also a seasoned founder and Executive Director of nonprofit organizations. From 2008-2016 she was the founder and Executive Director of Kevah, an adult Jewish education organization based in the Bay Area. Prior to her work at Kevah, Sara was the founder and Executive Director of the Religion, Politics and Globalization Program at UC Berkeley.


Sara is an avid squash player and former member of  the Yale University varsity team.

Yoav Barak

Board Member

Yoav Barak started his career as a CFO of numerous companies and then as a CEO in various fields and diverse areas, in industry, commerce and services, both in private and in public companies.


In 2002 Yoav established his company Yoav Barak Management and Enterprise, through which Yoav continued and still is performing diverse tasks such as management, business support and consulting. Yoav had and is holding functions as Active Chairman of the Board, a director and more.


Yoav lives in Haifa and is married + 2 daughters.

Asher Glickman

Board Member

Asher holds a bachelor’s degree in developmental aspects of education from Tel Aviv University and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from the Open University.


For the past 20 years, he has worked mainly in the municipal sector in Israel, in a variety of areas and mainly in specialization in the field of document management and knowledge, of which 9 years as founder and owner of the M.P..L ltd. In recent years, he has served as VP of Marketing, Digital and Customers at Metropolint from Milgam, focusing on digital transformation and improving service to residents in Israel. In addition, he is a member of the Israel Leadership Forum (ILF), whose main goal is to promote Israeli society.


He is married with three children and lives in Kiryat Ono.


David Bloch

Board Member

David Bloch is a retired Chemical Engineering Consultant, as well as an avid squash enthusiast and supporter of SquashBond.

Hillel Bloomberg

Co-founder and Advisor

The founding promoter and developer of Israeli Squash, Hillel has been centrally involved with the construction and management of squash facilities in Israel for the past forty years.  Hillel made Aliya from South Africa in 1975. He introduced  squash as a new sport to the general public in Israel.


Hillel ,together with his late wife, Tzippy, devoted their time and energies over the next 40 years  to ensuring that the young people in Israel would benefit from this “Anglo Saxon” game in all its aspects in their future lives. He was a Board member of the Israel Squash Rackets Association from its inception in 1975 until 2010, and was a Board member of the Israel Maccabi Squash Committee at every Maccabiah Games from 1977 until 2013. 

Pinni Ost

Board Member

Pinni holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences – Management and Economics.

For the past 22 years, Pinni has served in a variety of CEO positions and in various management areas, sales, marketing, finance and accounting. For the past three years, Pinni is managing the marketing and sales department at Ashbond from Ashtrom Group.

Pinni is an entrepreneur at heart, a people’s person, creative and decisive. In recent years he has been volunteering in community sports activities for children and adults on the autistic spectrum.

He brings the combination of emotional intelligence, managerial skills and determination for success and his great love and belief in sports as a tool for personal and social development.

Pinni is an avid Mountain biker, he lives in Shoham with his wife and three children.

Our Staff

Nitzan Moree

Co-founder and Director

A former member of Israel’s national juniors team, Nitzan has been coaching squash for over 15 years, and been involved with squash and squash management for the past 25 years.


Nitzan was one of the founders and former Director of the Tel Aviv Squash Club, as well as the Head Coach at the club for 9 years.  He served as the Chairman of Israel’s juniors committee for the Israel Squash Association.


He took part in the establishment of ISPO (Israel Squash Players Organization), and in 2012, joined with Hillel and Yariv Bloomberg to co-found SquashBond.  In his free time, Nitzan has a Diploma as a Chinese Medicine therapist. 


He lives with his family in a Kibbutz.

Keren Eldar

Education Dev. and Training

Keren joins SquashBond with over 25 years of experience in developing educational programs and strategic consulting to NGO’s. 


She is an expert in the field of developing unique educational programs for youth leadership and empowerment, alongside team training and management skills.


Keren was one of the founders and served as Executive Director of “Kav HaZinuk”; a nonprofit organization started in 2002 which focuses on creating a network of young leaders operating in the geo-social periphery.

Naomi Schechter

Dev. And Community Outreach

Naomi Is bringing her experience as a consultant to state and local governments, schools, non-profits, and social service agencies in systems reform and strategic planning as well as her fundraising experience for Jewish Non-profits to SquashBond.

Naomi was introduced to SquashBond when her son, Benjamin was looking to do a fundraiser for his Mitzvah Project. As a Jewish Squash player there was no better fit. Naomi ‘s life long desire for Middle East Peace work was strengthened while living in Egypt after college and is the cornerstone of her enthusiasm in taking on this role within SquashBond. 

She lives with her family in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Yuri Rogdestvensky

Squash Coach

Yuri was born in Ukraine and came to Israel in 1990. He is a graduate of the Wingate Institute in Israel.


He is playing squash over 12 years and holds a level 1 squash certificate by the WSF.


He started his coaching career in Ukraine and has experience working with children and adults. In his youth, he was a rugby player in the national team of Ukraine.


He is a father of two boys and lives in Afula with his wife.

Marilyn Asaad

Group Facilitator

Marilyn Asaad grew up and lives in the Druze village of Yarka, located in Upper Galilee.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from Gordon Academic College in Community and Social Education and communications. She is also a certified Group Facilitator and brings rich experience as a youth instructor and as a leader of various community initiatives. 

She has a deep belief in informal education and sport as a tool for changing and improving Israeli society in general and Arab society in particular.

Marilyn is a sports fan and considers sport important in her daily routine.

Yuval Edri

Group Facilitator

Yuval Edri grew up in Nahariya and today is a resident of Haifa.

She has B.A. in Jewish – Arab Cultural Studies and Conflict Resolution. She has counseled groups of special needs children and has moderated groups of female students in a “Young Female Politicians’ program in addition to moderating a Youth Leadership group.

Additionally, she has been involved in a number of initiatives, both local and international, dedicated to multi-culturalism.

She firmly believes that a multi-cultural outlook is essential to life in Israel and the importance of creating tools and opportunities that will facilitate multi-cultural interaction that would otherwise not take place.