Our Programs

After School Program

The After School Program includes at least bi-weekly sessions. Over the course of each academic year, each SquashBond participant receives over 200 hours of professional squash training, physical fitness sessions, education and enrichment activities in order to identify his or her own strengths and design a path towards realizing his or her own potential.

National and International Tournaments Program

National and International Tournaments are a core part of the annual SquashBond schedule. 

Competitive players as young as age 8 are invited to participate in the local and international annual round of competitions.


Through participating in tournaments, SquashBonders learn to aim high, set goals, and understand losing as an important step on the path for success.

National High-Performance Teams

National High-Performance Teams recruit talented junior players between the ages of 8 – 14 and help them achieve their full potential.


SquashBond identifies youth with the most squash potential within their first two years of the program and invites them to join an intensive track that ensures they take the correct player pathway to maximize their development and constantly progress.

Leadership Ambassador Team

The Leadership Ambassador Team is designed to create a leadership team of 4-8 SquashBond teen ambassadors. 

The students work as a team to promote SquashBond’s social values, both in Israel and beyond. 


The sessions include training in leadership skills, public speaking, program design and implementation, media communications, and language skills. 


By the end of the training, all Ambassadors will develop confidence in their ability to impact their local communities and the Israeli society.

Israel Connect Program

The IsraelConnect Program integrates squash, volunteering, and cultural exploration to provide a unique and unforgettable summer experience.

Participants learn different styles of play, training methods and game tactics. In addition, through a series of lectures, field trips, and guest speakers, they develop a nuanced and multi-dimensional understanding of Israel and of Israeli society.



The program includes time to develop friendships with local junior players and families based on mutual respect and cultural immersion.

Summer Camp

Camp SquashBond offers a unique summer experience for children in Israel. It fosters personal growth, cultivates valuable life skills, and builds strong friendships within a diverse and supportive community. 


Campers engage in daily squash training, enjoy outdoor activities, and participate in fun team-building exercises. Additionally, the camp emphasizes English language learning through interactive daily interactions. 

High-level squash players serve as counselors, providing expert guidance and mentorship.

The Model

Our core program fosters ongoing personal growth and empowers youth to become positive changemakers in their communities.


Through consistent participation (2-3 times per week for up to 10 years), young people build resilience and strong connections within a supportive community.



On the court, squash becomes a powerful tool for cultivating values, character, and essential life skills. Commitment, perseverance, and teamwork are not just learned, they are practiced and mastered.


Off the court, SquashBond goes beyond academics, fostering multilingual practice and providing opportunities for leadership development and meaningful community involvement.

Why Squash?

Recognized by Forbes Magazine as the world’s “healthiest sport,” squash is a dynamic and fast-paced game that demands mental and physical toughness, cleverness, and patience.


Players compete for control of the center of the court and must give space to their opponent each time they hit a shot.

The game requires a high level of concentration, outstanding physical fitness and sportsmanlike behavior.

As an individual sport, mastering squash requires hard work, independence and maturity. 


At the same time, this beloved sport is known all over the world as a game that forges deep bonds of trust and creates community and comradery amongst those who play it.


Each participant experiences three circles of impact.


First circle of impact: the individual

SquashBond weaves a web of support around each student, his or her family, and the greater squash community. This web creates a holistic infrastructure of opportunities and a path towards personal excellence.

Second circle of impact: the individual as part of the local community

Each training cohort consists of participants of the same age but from a diverse social mosaic of religious and socio-economic backgrounds. We build and encourage team cohesion and teach the team members strategies for building for strength and success on and off the court. 


Third circle of impact: the individual as part of the wider community

Participants experience themselves as part of the national and international squash and education community. Participants learn to set goals for themselves in sport (through playing tournaments, qualifying for the Israeli national team, competing in international tournaments, etc.) and in education (universities, international programs, etc.).

Who do we serve

We work as one cohesive unit both on and off the court in order to promote the values of the organization and promote each participant as an individual and as part of an integrated group.