The SquashBond Movement

SquashBond’s goal is to become a leading organization in the field of sports, development and peace.

In order to reach this goal, SquashBond is building out a national network of Squash and Education centers.

With more facilities can SquashBond serve more youth, in more cities, and make squash a leading sport for social impact in Israel.

Interested in giving a lasting legacy?

Contact Nitzan to learn about naming opportunities for squash courts and centers.


Launched 2014

The Ra’anana Squash Center, home to the first pilot SquashBond center, was initially built in 1986.


The Ra’anana Squash Center has 8 courts built with donor funds from the USA, matched by the Ra’anana Municipality.


The current facility was designed to enable the building of an additional floor on the roof which could either house additional courts or training and classroom facilities.


The Ra’anana Municipality and Squash Center management both support the growth of SquashBond.

Likewise, the vibrancy of the center in general is an asset to SquashBond in recruiting coaches and volunteers from the community.


Launched 2017

The city of Haifa is the metropolis of the north, a multi-cultured environment of diverse populations.


Tucked often just blocks from each other Haifa residents live in both comfort and dire poverty. Likewise, the city is home to Jews, Muslims and Christians.


Three squash courts were built in 1997 at Haifa University. Even 20 years later these remain some of the best maintained squash courts in Israel.


SquashBond is privileged to be establishing its second center in Israel in cooperation with this prestigious institute of higher learning and with Haifa Municipality.

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