SquashBond Israel

We believe that every person, regardless of gender, religion or socioeconomic status, deserves an equal opportunity to realize his or her potential. We utilize the game of squash to promote socio-economic mobility and to build a shared society.


Through SquashBond, Jewish and Arab youth gain the life skills, self-confidence and connections to pursue their dreams and build a greater Israel, together.

Our Approach

Squash and education program integrates children from diverse religious and socio-economic backgrounds​.

Our Story

In 2012 we began to develop and formulate a program that will create significant and long-term social and personal impact by combining our love for squash and youth.

Our Team

We work as one and cohesive unit in order to promote the values of the organization and promote each participant as an individual and as part of a group.


The participants experience three circles of development in which they build their personal character while developing a wide perspective of the community.


The basic programs provide ground for individual and group development and allow participants to join enrichment programs after realizing their strengths.

Who We Serve

Israeli society consists of different strata and sectors that usually grow up separately. The essence of the initiative is to integrate everyone into a nationwide program.

The Model

Lays the foundation for ongoing personal development, group cohesion and societal change.


March 20, 2023

SquashBond’s 2023 Annual Grand Salaam Fundraiser

Get involved

Whether you live in Israel or abroad, you can help build bonds in Israel, one stroke at a time.  For ways to help SquashBond, Press here.