Our Values

SquashBond programming is built on the following values:


Personal Growth

We teach children to be emotionally mature, and to pursue their passions with perseverance and hard work.


Cultural Inclusivity

SquashBond is based on genuine, sustained and meaningful interactions. Both on and off court, children come to understand each other through joint pursuit of their individual development as people and as athletes, and connect over a shared love for the game of squash.



SquashBond’s basic structure of regular meetings over a period time of years facilitates the emergence of genuine experiences of how people can simultaneously hold profound differences and at the same time share a deep respect and even love for each other.



At SquashBond, children learn to take personal responsibility for their own futures. They develop maturity, confidence, respect for others, and life goals within the context of a shared society.  


These values are conveyed in countless ways both on and off the court, including:

  1. 1. Encouraging personal development along with group development.
  2. 2. Integrating and instilling common values through real and regular interactions between the children from diverse backgrounds.
  3. 3. Inculcating the values of sportsmanship and goodwill towards each other.
  4. 4. Challenging children to realize their full potential as individuals, team members, athletes and citizens.