Why Squash ?

Squash is a fast-paced, highly aerobic sport that requires strategy, speed, agility and patience. Unlike tennis or other racket sports where players stand across a net from each other, in squash players share the same small space.


Because the game is played side-by-side, players learn to move around each other, to keep each other safe, and to show respect for each other during the game, even as they compete to win. The tight immediacy of the game makes squash an excellent sport for developing sportsmanship, self-confidence, and trust between players.  


Squash in Israel is regarded as a minor sport in terms of number of  participants. Subsequently,young squash players coming up through the ranks of SquashBond’s programs can reach a relatively high level of playing ability. This therefore gives them an opportunity to achieve recognition and fulfillment of their goals in a relatively short space of time.


Finally, as an individual sport, squash builds up independence and character, which helps children to pursue success on and off the court through understanding the importance of hard work and perseverance.


The Metaphor of Squash

Squash offers a powerful metaphor for peace in the Middle East. The game is not quiet, placid or static–life in Israel never is.  To the contrary, it is dynamic, energetic, and full of surprises.  It requires real effort and hard work, and close cooperation between people who see themselves as competitors for the same small space.  That said, the joy of squash comes precisely from this dynamic tension, from the realization that the best competition also requires sportsmanship, cooperation, and trust.  We believe that our graduates will take the lessons of squash as a metaphor to guide them in life.