Program Model

SquashBond is a people-to-people after school program for 8-18 year olds and based upon the following pillars:


Health and Wellness


Participants learn the basic strokes, tactics and strategy of the game of squash. Very few participants have ever picked up a squash racket before entering the program.  After a year, all become competent recreational players, and have the opportunity to participate in at least one national squash tournament. The program has a high retention rate (over 70% of participants continue from the previous year), and many go on to become competitive players in their age divisions.   


Squash requires speed, agility, and endurance.  To build up these skills, every practice includes conditioning exercises to enable children to increase their strength, stamina and self-confidence in their athletic abilities.


Personal Development

SquashBond devotes considerable time and energy to giving participants the skills they need to succeed in life and to become the future leaders of Israeli society. These enrichment activities center around giving them self-confidence in their own abilities, and include:

        – Academic tutoring and mentorship
        – Trilingual language skills (Hebrew, Arabic, English)
        – Character development


Social Responsibility and Leadership

Both on and off the court, SquashBond participants gain valuable skills for conflict resolution.  These include regular sessions on group dynamics, court practice in winning and losing; implicit and explicit exposure to how cultural and religious differences can affect our ability to be empathetic listeners and collaborative problem solvers, and training in positive psychology to share what people have in common and to accept the differences.